Hall of Famer: Milwaukee

In this series, I’ll look at each MLB team’s position player and pitcher that is the most deserving of Hall of Fame consideration. They have to be a starter or significant contributor (sorry Ichiro, I still love you).

Milwaukee Brewers

Position Player: Ryan Braun (OF)

After the 2012 season Ryan Braun was riding high. He had just capped off his 6th season that included a Rookie of the Year Award, 5 All Star games, and an MVP. Then came the positive PED test, followed by the protests of innocence, followed by the admission of guilt, and the 65 game suspension. Since that season, the now 33 year-old Braun has bounced back. He’s made an All Star game and continues to play well, but his HOF chances have taken a nosedive. Even if he one day gets the numbers needed for an OF to make the HOF (He probably needs another 20 WAR or another 200 HR), the link to PED’s and the chaos that followed will be another hurdle for him to overcome. Still, he’s the best the Brewers have, and if he plays well close to 40 then this all might be forgotten.

HOF Chance: 20%

Pitcher: Zach Davies (SP)

Zach Davies is young (24), and is currently leading the AL in wins (15). Although his ERA is nothing special (3.91), he’s gotten better each of the last three years, and isn’t even close to entering his prime. His career is mostly speculation at this point, but he’s got time on his side. With any luck, this will be his first 20-win season with many more to come.

HOF Chance: 10%