Hall of Famer: Seattle

In this series, I’ll look at each MLB team’s position player and pitcher that is the most deserving of Hall of Fame consideration. They have to be a starter or significant contributor.

Seattle Mariners

Position Player: Robinson Cano (2B)

You might not realize it, but Robinson Cano is the greatest second baseman of his generation. The 8-time All Star has had quite the career, racking up 5 Silver Sluggers, 2 Gold Gloves, 2 AL Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Awards, and an All Star Game MVP. He’s been excellent offensively (.305/.494.848) and defensively (8.3 career dWAR) for 13 seasons, and he’s still going strong. How many other 2B have at least 300 HR, 1100 RBI, and 1100 Runs? Just two. ‘Roided up Jeff Kent, and Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby. Yeah, he hasn’t always been the greatest postseason batter (.222 avg in 203 AB), but he’s got a ring and was the MVP of the 2013 World Baseball Classic. Plus, he’s won a Home Run Derby (2011) what more do you want?

HOF Chance: 90%

Pitcher: Felix Hernandez (SP)

King Felix has had quite the career. 6 All Star games, 2-time AL ERA leader, the 2010 AL Cy Young, 2009 MLB wins leader, a perfect game. He definitely could have garnered more wins playing somewhere else, but he’s managed 160 during his 13 year stretch in Seattle. His only problem is that he’s about 40 wins/20 WAR away from the Hall of Fame, and he’s 31 with injury problems and a 4.36 ERA this year. If he can stay healthy and find his stroke, he definitely stands a chance. Actually pitching in the postseason wouldn’t hurt either.

HOF Chance: 50%