Take my advice, don’t take advice

When you’re my age in life people love giving you advice. People will give you advice on where to go to college or what your four year plan should be or how you should handle relationships. This is a big one. People love giving you their two sense on how you should handle your relationships. I mean, you have to be crazy not to take advice from that Facebook articel telling you the 5 thing that you HAVE to do if your 18 and dating. Naturally they know what’s best for your relationship because humans are all black and white and all the relationships, deep down, are the same. So take that advice and everything will go perfect for you, right? Right. But no. Not really.

I recently asked a close friend of mind about how I should approach a relationship. This is a friend that I worked with and have known for several years. He also knew my girlfriend very well so I thought that he would be a perfect person to ask about how we should approach our relationship. I asked him with eagerness in my ears, ready to hear his life changing advice that would make my relationship perfect. Instead what I got was a cheap imitation of how he and his girlfriend did things. He rattled on about how you should always know what the other person is doing and who their with. He suggested that I shouldn’t let my girlfriend hang out with other guys unless I’m there and I should always be texting her, even if I’m just sending emojis. I sat there as he continued to give me the best advice for my relationship. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was someone who was (and still is very much) one of my best friends who I love dearly, yet he was giving me advice that was terrible. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I yelled at him to shut up.

It was then that I realized that you shouldn’t take advice from people unless they step outside of there own life and try and step a little closer to yours. This is an incredibly hard thing to do, which is why you shouldn’t try and do it. The next time someone asks you for advice, look at them and say that deep down, they know exactly what to do and that they should do it. Then pat them on the back and continue your conversation about whatever you were talking about (probably bears). So here’s the new rule. Anytime you want to ask for advice from someone else don’t. Ask yourself what you really think. Cause you know yourself better than anybody, and you know what you really want to do, sometimes it just takes a little while to dig it up.

Okay so there are a few exception to the rule. You should seek wise council from your parents. If anyone is gonna come close to knowing you as well as you know yourself, it’s your mom. Mom’s just somehow know.

SO now, get out there and make some decisions based on what you want to do and how you think it should be handled. And let that be the last piece of advice you ever take.

Unless it’s from your momma