What’s the Point?

Sometimes I get so caught up in things that I can’t imagine how I lived my life without having this newfound passion in my life. But generally, it goes away within the next week and some other newfound passion takes its place. That’s kinda cryptic so lemme give you some examples:

Example 1. Last fall I decided to invest a lot of my time and efforts into playing the organ. Today I still don’t know the first thing about playing it correctly.

Example 2. a year and a half ago I decided I was gonna be the best at drawing. I went out and bought a book (how to became a master in drawing in 28 days, perfect!) that I was sure would get me to the level of expertise that would wow everyone. Today I still have difficulty drawing a stick figure that I enjoy looking at.

Example 3. Over Christmas break last year I discovered that I had watercolor paints in my room at home. Obviously I was gonna become the next Monet. Today there hasn’t been a piece that I’ve ever actually wanted to show anybody.

Example 4. Over the summer last year I discovered this crazy website called Medium and decided I was gonna be the next famous blogger. It was gonna be awesome. But here we are today, writing a weird, self-aware article. I don’t know if you can break the 4th wall in writing but I think I may have just done that.

Do I actually have a point? I’m not really sure. My point may be that there isn’t really a point (which is ridiculous for obvious reasons). Yeah, I think that is my point. My fucking point.