Over the last year I did something I haven’t done in a long time— fill two entire sketchbooks. Here’s a cross section of pages from 2015.

LEFT · Collage | RIGHT · Sketch of Julian Alden Weir’s “The Black Hat” drawn at Portland Art Museum
Sketch of Van Gogh’s “The Ox Cart” at Portland Art Museum
LEFT · Ink and oil pen | CENTER · collage | RIGHT · Ink
Life drawing warm-up sketches at Dead End Drawing Club, Portland
Ink sketch
LEFT · Reworked Peanuts cell, ink and pencil | RIGHT · Ink and paper collage
Infographic concept sketches
Pencil sketch
LEFT · oil crayon and pencil | RIGHT · pen and ink
LEFT · Lifedrawing sketch from Dead End Drawing Club, Portland | CENTER · Collage | RIGHT · Pencil sketch
Sketch of El Greco’s “The Holy Family with Saint Mary Magdalen” at Portland Art Museum
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