5 Hilarious Indian Comedians You Should Know!

Josh Talks
Nov 23, 2017 · 2 min read

As Abish Mathew’s short video on sexual health goes viral, we have rounded up 5 hysterical comedy artists who you should look forward to as a consolation for a long and weary day. These fun experts are guaranteed to make you laugh till your stomach hurts and say ‘that is so me’ every time.

  1. Papa CJ

Papa CJ is a world-renowned stand-up comedian. Forbes Magazine called him ‘the global face of Indian stand-up’ and Toastmaster International called him one of the most influential comedians around the world. Read about his journey here.

2. Chirayu Mistry

Engineer turned comedy artist Chirayu Mistry has transformed the Gujarati web content scene. Not only does he perform brilliant standup comedy, he also writes humourous scripts for online videos. Read his story here.

3. Rahul Dua

Punjab born Rahul Dua is a stand-up artist and winner of NDTV’s Rising Star of Comedy 2016 who is known all over India for his witty observational comedy. Read about his journey here.

4. Vinay Menon

Vinay Menon is the only English standup comedian in Kerala, but he is making enough efforts to promote more talents. Read his motivational life story here.

5. Aditi Mittal

As one of the few women comedians in India, Aditi Mittal is a pioneer. Seven years ago, she entered Mumbai’s budding open mic circuit. Today, her one-hour stand-up show Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say is on Netflix and she has amassed 370k Twitter followers. Read her story here.

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