Dr. Akkai Padmashali is a famed transgender rights activist from Karnataka and known for her bold and passionate voice in campaigning against Section 377, which criminalizes sexual minorities in India.

When Obama was recently in India, Akkai was present at the Obama Foundation Townhall to interact with the former President, where she raised a question about how the she should raise her voice against this criminalization. She also asked him how the LGBTQ community should go about their movement since all they wanted was love and acceptance.

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Obama, being the great leader he is, went on to answer this passionately put question without commenting on the legislature of the country. He did not refrain from telling her how to find her voice and to ensure that their voices are heard by the authorities. He stressed on the importance of sharing and spreading her experiences and her story. …

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We have rounded up 5 sports persons whose never-give-up attitude will change the way you look at struggles.

  1. Deepa Malik

Arjuna awardee and Asian champion in shot put Deepa was diagnosed with spinal tumor and was paralyzed from chest down about 12 years ago. Since then she has undergone three spinal tumor surgeries and 183 stitches between shoulder blades, but none of it has stopped her from taking up new challenges. Watch our editor-in-chief’s interview with the brave heart here.

2. Karamjyoti Dalal

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Karamjyoti had been suffering from spinal cord issues since she was six. She took up discus throwing just over a couple of years back and from being unranked then, she finished a mighty impressive 4th at the IPC Para-athletics championships in 2015. …

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I recall reading a play in Class 12 titled “On The Face Of It” by Susan Hill. It revolved around a character named Mr Lamb, an army veteran who lost one leg in a war. The tragic mishap did not shake his unwavering courage and positivism. Instead of focusing on what he could not do, he shifted his attention to what he could do but never found the time to — reading and making jams. And that, by his admission, was one of his most fulfilling life experiences.

Devendra Jhajharia’s narrative bears some semblance to Mr Lamb’s. Born in Churu district in Rajasthan, Jhajharia was the victim of an unfortunate accident when he was merely eight years old. He lost his left arm after being electrocuted by a live wire of 11,000 volts while attempting to climb a tree. Ironically enough, his village then was among the 18,000 Indian villages that were electrified but had no electricity. The near-fatal injury forced the doctors to amputate his left hand right away. …


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