This Man Singing Jan Gan Man On Everest Will Fill You With Pride

How many times have you started something and then given up because it’s too hard? In the year 2015, Ratnesh Pandey almost made it to the peak of Mount Everest before a devastating earthquake in Nepal cut short his journey. But instead of letting failure bog him down, he decided to face it head on. Last year, he mustered up courage to take over the world’s highest mountain again. The daredevil ended up not only winning over the mountains but also the hearts of every Indian– by becoming the first person to sing the National Anthem on the top of Everest.

A climber by passion, Ratnesh braved many hardships to fulfill his dream of scaling Everest. From preparing for the climb to battling bad weather conditions, his journey up top was extremely treacherous. Watch the video to find out how Ratnesh overnight became the nation’s pride.

In the video, Ratnesh discusses his rigorous training. “I underwent a very tough practice of more than three months, which included 10 km running, 40 km cycling, half an hour swimming and yoga for 30 minutes, everyday.” In fact, singing the National Anthem on the Everest’s peak was a cathartic experience for him. He claims that he immediately felt a lot more calmer and peaceful after crooning Jan Gan Man. It also pumped him up to take the journey back.

The mountaineer of Indian Mountaineering Institute dreams of creating awareness for youngsters to come ahead for taking new challenges and complete them. His life lesson is extremely inspiring- “Every mountain top is within reach if you keep climbing.”

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