Truth Bomb

Sunday AWE presents Follow the White Rabbit 2: There is No Spoon.

This is the first show since Pro Wrestling Evolution's last show...where I considered canceling.
I left Survivor Series frustrated and sad. I have never in my life wanted to curse at people more than I did on that night.

How can wrestling fans, be so disgusted by WWE, but then refuse or out right decline an alternative product?

Is AWE a good product? YOU DAMN RIGHT IT IS.
Is it perfect? NO

This week has been the most challenging week of my life professionally, because deep down I'm tired of going home after an AWE show and feeling like a complete failure.
I'm tired of telling my grandmother and my non-wrestling friends...critically acclaimed financial disaster.

It was this past Sunday, I realized that I'm just a money mark that believes he can help pro wrestling...and I keep chasing that turn around moment that probably doesn't exist.

This Sunday, There is no see it bending because you believe there’s something there, but nothing is there...The Oracle will see me now.

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