Mobile: The Future of Marketing

Take a look around you at work or in your own home. It seems like everyone is doing one thing: looking at their smartphone. Whether going on social media, looking up information, or getting a new recipe, it seems like everyone has a constant reason to be looking at their phones. Once in awhile we even make a phone call still. It’s no wonder many see mobile as a current and future trend in technology. Marketers and businesses are now learning that the best place to reach customers is also through their smartphones.

Smartphones are More Popular than TV
You read that right. If you didn’t know already, smartphones now take up more of people’s time and attention than television. Television used to be the king of advertisement and it still has it’s place, but most agree that mobile apps are the future of advertisements. With everyone already looking at their phone anyway, it makes logical sense to market to people there. According to a Gallup Survey people spend about 90% of their time while on mobile devices using apps. So, mobile is the future but the apps on the phones are what really matter.

What are the Benefits of having a Mobile App?
Mobile Apps increase revenue by making it easier for your customers to communicate with you. Customer engagement has been found to increase when an app is available versus a web page. Customers are also easier to market to when they are using apps. Businesses can easily send push notifications containing coupons and promotions to increase sales. These promotions can be manually sent to the customer, scheduled, or sent when the customer is within a certain proximity of a business. These digital coupons have been found to be 10X more effective than paper coupons. In addition to sheer revenue gain, apps also increase customer satisfaction. Apps are seen as hip and cool and just about everyone is using them.

Ease of Use and Customer Experience
Apps are generally easier to use than a mobile website. Their User Interfaces are just made to work better on smartphones. They really are the next step in internet and communication technology due to this feature. People simply like using their phones to do a number of different things and apps make it easier to do them.

The main thing holding back many businesses from developing an app is their enormous cost. New technology is never cheap and there is always a trade off for having the latest technology. The cost of developing an app can be upwards of $500,000 on the high end and generally the lower end is around $50,000. This is an enormous cost to build a custom app for most SMBs which is why until recently only very large companies have been able to develop them. Now that their cost is slowly going down you can now build quality mobile apps for much less than the numbers stated above. What is your business doing to take advantage of the mobile app trend?

This article was written by Joshua Zielinski, Founder of Watson & Behringer.