SEO Strategies to Raise your Rank

There are many different strategies that will optimize your website to rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. Some of these strategies will yield quick results but others take a lot of time to really work. SEO strategy has to be an ongoing and persistent process if you want to rank high in the search engines and get a lot of relevant traffic to your website.


Keywords are extremely important in Search Engine Optimization. Keywords are simply words that you use in your meta tags, headings, and content that allow for your website to actually be seen and properly indexed by search engines like Google. Meta tags are bits of computer code that basically turn into the text that you see in search engine results. Headings are the text headings that you see on a webpage that tells you what the rest of the words are about and content are the rest of the words on a webpage. All of these words (keywords) correspond to the product or service that your business offers and should match what a customer would type into a search engine. For example, a business that sells computers would use words and word phrases like “computer”, “buy computer”, “quality PC”, and similar words and phrases on their website so that Google’s algorithm could properly index the website as a website that sells computers. If you use proper keywords in your website design and content then when someone types in something like “buy computer” into Google your website will be listed in the search results.

There is a lot of competition for keywords and this will play a part in what rank your website gets. If you are a new computer company you will have a very hard time ranking ahead of some of the larger and better established computer companies out there if you use a keyword like “computers” within your website. To rank higher you will need to use more niche keywords in your website that some of the larger companies are not using such as “Buy computer in Manchester, NH” if your company is located in Manchester NH. This type of strategy will give you a much better chance of outranking the national brands than if you compete directly for a keyword like “computers” which is likely to have a very large amount of competition. The more people that use a certain keyword or keyword phrase, the harder it is to rank for that keyword or keyword phrase. However, this does not mean you can’t use the high competition keywords, just be sure that you include some other more unique keywords as well and you will likely have better results.

Website Structure and Performance

How you structure content and links on your website will give your SEO a boost. Google rewards websites that have an easy to use design. An easy to use design means that you have your menu links to your various pages at the top or side of your website. The menu has to be in text for Google to read them most effectively so if you have the menu as images you should change them to text to be more search engine friendly. The website’s content should also be easy to read for the average person meaning the reading level should be around the 13–15 year old range. Avoid using really big words or long sentences that will make the content more difficult to read. If you are a very technical company or your audience is at the graduate school level you may not be able to avoid writing in a more complex way. Use your best judgement in writing content, don’t make it more simple just to make the search engines happy, make your customers happy! Also, make sure your website has the right amount of content on it. There should be a healthy amount of words, meaning not too many and not too little. Again, keep your audience in mind over the search engines when planning website content but keep the search engines in the back of your mind. As long as you have a healthy but not an overuse of keywords and enough content to inform your customers but not bore them you should be fine.

The actual performance of your website also has a lot to do with SEO. By performance I mean that your pages should load as quickly as possible. This speed is directly related to the servers you are on and the actual code that is contained on your website. Sloppy code will result in slow website performance so make sure you or your developer keeps that in mind. Your website also needs to make sure it has quality links. Broken links will make navigating your website frustrating for users and will also put you on Google’s naughty list. Your website also needs to be “responsive” which means that it will work optimally on every device. Google takes into account whether your website has a mobile version or is optimized for mobile as it ranks your site. This is because Google wants to create an amazing experience for people on whatever device they may be using. Keep this in mind and fix this or call your developer if you are concerned.

This will conclude part one of a series on SEO strategies I’m going to write. Next up will be content and link building as well as one or two other strategies. By using the above strategies you will be able to boost your SEO and rank higher in search engines like Google. Raising your rank will make your company seem more reputable and will also get you more website traffic which will hopefully lead to more leads and sales. Is your company using keywords and website structure and performance to raise your SEO rank?