The Importance of a Good Website

A good website is important for many reasons. Your website establishes your online brand in the same way a brick and mortar store establishes your physical brand. When people search for you on the internet, what will they find? You want people to have a positive first impression of you and a good website that is both nice to look at and functional will ensure they do.

How do People Find your Business?
In this day and age the majority of people find businesses on the internet. They type in a good or service they want in a search engine and out pops the business they need. If you don’t have a website or if your website is subpar it will severely cripple your chances of having a profitable and sustainable business. The days of phone books have long been over and if you want to compete you need a good website.

Search Engine Optimization
Now that we can all agree on the importance of a good website how will we ensure that people actually see your website in the flood of other websites already out there? People will have to wade through all of your competitors just to get to your website within a search engine unless your site is optimized so that it pops up on the first page or two. But how do you ensure that your site shows up on the first couple pages? To ensure this your website has to be Search Engine Optimized or SEO for short. To optimize your website for search engines you have to use keywords on your website. These keywords are words that your prospective customers will use to search for businesses like you when they use search engines. If you don’t use the right keywords then it is unlikely your prospective customers will be able to find you and you website is not going to give you the results you are looking for.

Backlinks and Quality Content
Other than keywords, content and backlinks are also important to ensure your website pops up in the first pages of search engines. Content is simply any type of material such as articles, whitepapers, blogs, videos, infographics, etc that talk about your business and have links that direct people to your website. These links are referred to as backlinks because they take people back to your website which is where you want them. Having high quality content and backlinks will raise your rank in search engines just like having good keywords. The volume of links and content you have floating around on the internet also contributes to your rank in search engines. The more quality content you produce that links back to your website, the higher you will rank.

Having a beautiful and well structured website is important but in order to make that website work for you like a marketing employee, you need to consider SEO in your strategy. Without SEO, your prospective customers will have a very hard time finding you and your website will not produce the type of inbound leads you are looking for. When you look for a company or consultancy to build you a website, make sure they are taking SEO into account as part of the website building package they provide. In doing so you will ensure that your website doesn’t only look good, but that people will actually see it. Both aesthetics and functionality are equally important in building a good website. Is your website your best employee yet?

This article was written by Joshua Zielinski, Founder of Watson & Behringer.