How did the fasting work out?
Zachary Rosen

It was almost pure fasting. I’ve been experimenting with a ketogenic diet a good portion of the time (those that have experimented with Atkins Diets in the past may be familiar with ketosis), thus far, with a lot of success. In this case, success is defined by feeling great and getting back closer to my sporting weight. Having already been in ketosis, I had a high fat coffee in the morning each of the three days (likely 200–300 calories), and the fast was a piece of cake. I could have kept going.

I am a big believer in finding personalized stress reduction practices, with meditation often being a great version of that for many. I use an app on my iPhone called Calm and lately have just been using its daily recommended meditation / breathing exercise (have to buy the app for access to these). I actually had the pleasure of doing this in the morning with my daughter a couple of times this week. I think working out also provides me a healthy dose of stress reduction, but I prefer doing both (short breathing exercise and working out) when I can, though not simultaneously.

I think the nutrition topic also ties back to needing to be personalized. My educated guess is much of the personalization with nutrition ties to our individual insulin responses to what we consume. A topic for a future musing perhaps.