On the Topic of Being 27

Today, I turned 27 years old. I have these memories of birthdays as a kid with my family around a table with loved ones having a great time. As I grow older I become more fond of those memories as their availability seems to decrease as I age.

However, this year, I started my year a little differently. You see I always make (a) goal(s) for the new year and then re-evaluate around this time since my birthday falls in about the middle of the calendar year. Today, I spent some time on a hike, walking, praying, and connecting with God in nature. Consecrating this year as one of kingdom oriented living. I have two goals for the rest of this year and the first half of my 27th year of life-

•Fall more in love with the person of God, a Heavenly Father who desires deep connection with each of us.

•Finish this thesis and move toward having a family with my beautiful wife.

Lofty goals, no doubt. But you know what they say, reach for the moon so you can…something..something…something…where’s the birthday cake?