In the article by the New York Times, “A Newly Vibrant Washington Fears That Trump Will Drain Its Culture,” it shows the contrast of Obamas legacy to what Trump has planned for when he takes over office. This story ingrains fear into the consumers of this article, fearful of what comes with President Electee Trump after President Obama, by the diction, as well as the image selection used in it.

Beginning with, the image selection used for the article is a very somber picture of the Washington memorial and people looking out into the distance. The picture itself just puts the reader in a depressed mood, not how you usually think about when a new president is coming into office. After this they follow up with another picture of President Obama, but this picture of him very happy and out hit his daughters. This makes us obviously like him and relate to him more. The other two pictures of this article are of people doing anti trump yoga and of people in a coffee bar where a democratic woman said she was after trump had won. All inclusive, the images used in this article are either anti trump or are more focused on Obama and how it’s sad he is leaving rather than happy for change and the new president.

A second way the media used fear is the word choices used in the article. “D.C. is going to take a really hard hit,” using the idea of Trump coming into office being a sole reason for the city to be ruined is bold. They don’t say that his actions will be the cause but just him being elected. Other phrases are used to scrutinize Trump like, “he is unlikely to feel a debt of gratitude,” “employees crying at their desks,” and much harsher “we’ve taken a step into the abyss.” All these phrases just instill the idea that newly elected, and emphasis on the word elected, President Trump is such a bad man and a horrible event. We elected as a country, yes not everyone voted for him, but he is who the majority picked so why are we all so upset? It is happening and people need to stop looking at all the negatives and the media especially needs to start looking at the positive outcomes from trump becoming president.

In conclusion, after reading this article and looking at the diction and images used, it is clear the media is instilling fear into people about our newly elected president. From somber images about the future, and phrases denouncing Trump and who he is, the media clearly is fear mongering the majority of the population and it needs to come to an end.

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