The ad I chose is from the US FDA and is about a girl, who is young and has a baby face, buying a pack of cigarettes from the convenience store. She pays the cash but is told she needs “a little more” and then she begins to tear off layers of skin from her face to finish her payment. This ad uses the appeal of need to feel safe because it wants people to stop the hazardous smoking and uses fear tactics to show us how vulnerable we are to smoking’s repercussions.

Starting with, the ad uses the need to feel safe perfectly, it makes people scared of their own health every time they see it. They see the girl peeling her face and just think how vile and awful that is, and the ad is really motivating to quit or never start smoking. They use the camera angles to make the girl seem younger and more baby like so when she peels her skin off it is more impacting and powerful.

Following up to that, I think that this ad will speak to anyone. Any race, age, religion, height, weight or color, everyone is the audience to this ad. This ad is to stop smoking, regardless of what people think or what the tobacco companies say, smoking does not have health benefits. Nobody should smoke and everyone that sees this ad should be educated enough to realize they need to either quit smoking or stop smoking. The fear technique used by this ad is tremendously powerful and it shakes anyone who sees it.

The ad that is used to end smoking and prevent smoking, with the girl who peels her skin, is a very powerful ad using the need for health and safety. It makes you uneasy and concerned about cigarettes which is exactly what it should do.