What can I say, I LOVE THESE ALTS!

Don’t worry about Warren, he’s old and openly doesn’t understand this sort of thing. Let him to his old stocks, he does REALLY well there.

Be careful with your Ledger, it’s not a joke, exploits and viruses are a serious threat to all your money.

love these alts

Originally published at Building Crypto Today.

ARK Whitepaper overview

ARK taking the next leap

Smart Bridging and Encoded Listeners are…

Crypto Powermove with Binance & Bermuda

Binance makes a power move in a Bermuda partnership

Binance makes a move to Malta from Hong Kong, time to move toward less government. Good luck China.

Big kahunas on some thieves…

Crypto Adoption Spreading to Big Government

UN Adopts crypto for payment in Syrian refugee camps

Free market at its best with CheapAir going up while Coinbase kills itself.

DoJ is still out for blood in Centra case.

Crypto adotpion in US but still a lot of morons

Coinbase investment fund on the horizon. With an index looking to include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BCash, there isn’t enough diversification for my…


Crypto bounce & SEC trouble

I got robbed, that was fun, pause not…

HIVE update

West Virginia voting

Stellar Lumens & Kahikinui Project on Maui

  • The Kahikinui Project — kck.st/2CEZOxH

An amazing project applying great common sense. …

Ethereum security opens for ARK

I tend to disagree here, there have been a lot of spears thrown at Ethereum as they prepare for the Casper roll-out and big name data scientists are among them. Dahlia Malkhi at the early 2018 Financial Cryptography conference showed great concern for the new protocol’s safety and…

The Right Thing, Just Do it!

Josh Makiavelli Ritchey

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