My list of useful stuff to help with ME/CFS

1. Physical Accessories

  • Foldable Laptop Stand.
Great for laying on a bed and using a laptop or tablet. I Bought mine of eBay for $22 AUD (including P&H)
  • Shower Chair Aluminium
I sometimes sit down to rest, much nicer on a chair! Useful depending on the severity of your symptoms. I Bought mine of eBay for $31 AUD (including P&H)
  • Tripod Stool
Go anywhere, sit anywhere. I Bought mine at an Australian camping store ‘kathmandu’ for $24 (AUD)

2. Social & Support Outlets

  • CFS Subreddit — Great if you already use Reddit. It’s full of discussion, news and support.
  • Telegram Chat — It’s a what’s app group but on a different app. People with ME/CFS world wide. Mainly UK & US. Very supportive intimate group of people.
  • Me on twitter! — It’s my brain log of things that make sense to people with ME/CFS

*Australian Focused*

3. Credible ME/CFS information

  • MEpedia — Wiki like page with crowdsourced information with many links and topics
  • MEAction — Network of patients empowering each other to fight for health equality for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

*Australian Focused*

  • Emerge Australia — NPO with buckets of information around diagnosis, carers, support groups, news, activism and more

This is a simple list of everything I recommended to others in one place. I’ll update it regularly if you find it useful!