What is Motivation & How Can We Be More Motivated?

Be a motivated individual!

Much like emotions, motivation is simply a decision away. It must be said that being motivated is a choice, not a character trait, and in my experience people like to believe the contrary as an excuse for their complacency. Just like emotions — awareness, practice and focus is all you need to master, the ever illusive, motivation. When thought-out, motivation is simply a decision to achieve a goal, and having the discipline required to achieve that goal — regardless of the consequences. How crazy is it then for someone to say they aren’t motivated?! If you aren’t motivated to do something, maybe you just don’t want it that much, or you just aren’t willing to do what it takes. Those are the options.

What is the opposite of motivated? If asked, I’m sure many people would say lazy — I hope those people are reading — I aim to challenge that, and say that the true opposite to ‘motivated’ is ‘undisciplined’, and that everyone has the ability to achieve anything. To achieve greatness! You just need a re-frame.

Motivation to me suggests the desire to change a habit or to do something extraordinary, and it is clear what is stopping people from having the discipline to do those things.

In this modern world that we live in, there are plenty of distractions: Restaurants, bars, Facebook, TV, movies, YouTube, desire for the opposite sex; and trying to squeeze in time for all of those things amongst responsibilities like work and maintaining a home is difficult, to say the least. We have never had so much variety and choice in history, and don’t get me wrong I think it’s great! I feel so lucky to be alive in a time when I can walk 3 minutes onto Melbourne’s Chapel st, grab a coffee at one of the many cafes selling amazing espresso coffee, watch a quick YouTube video then throw out a Tweet from my phone for My Awakening, and go for a quick scroll on Facebook while I walk down to the cinemas to enjoy popcorn and a movie. Let’s be honest, boredom is really no longer a thing — if you are bored you’re just not trying hard enough! Where I think this surplus of variety has affected society though, is people confuse it all for who they are, instead of what they do in their spare time.

With children growing up amongst these distractions, more and more they are becoming part of people’s identity. I got onto social media late, kids now though are growing up with it and it is becoming determinate of how they perceive themselves. I know people who would rather delete a Facebook post than have it online with only “a few” likes. These distractions are powerful vices.

I think it’s a fear of missing out on all of these distractions, even when you’re older, that prevents a person from making the choice to be motivated (disciplined). The desire to consume all of the distractions is so strong that people think it is a requirement of being a balanced individual. Their unconscious has developed a new rhetoric: the distractions I enjoy is who I am, and I need it all to continue being me. Instead of making moves and setting a plan in motion to achieve their dreams, people are more worried about watching their favourite TV show or that they get time to head out for food with their partner. Like I said, I think there is time for all of that, it is valuable, however when it takes precedence over your hopes & dreams it is all just counter-productive.

If you want something, go for it! If you want to change your habits, do it!

Don’t spend your spare time binge watching YouTube videos or scrolling through the Facebook feed you’ve already seen a million times today. Get writing. Read a book. Make your healthy meals for the week. Start a business!

I know people who have real potential to achieve great things, they have amazing ideas and talents, and lots of spare time — however, they spend it all shopping online or doing other unproductive activities. When encouraged to dedicate time to their talents and potential they have every excuse as to why they shouldn’t, or just won’t. Really though, it’s an inability to spend time working towards something, in its place, the desire to distract themselves. Take one weekend, one day, a few hours of one night, your lunch break on Tuesday — any amount of time and just do what needs to be done to achieve your goals!

That is motivation — dedicating time to something, regardless of when or how long it takes.

If you have a business idea and mention it to a friend only to be told it won’t work — ignore them! Don’t listen to people who shoot down your plans for greatness, to achieve something, to make something happen, because those people are often some of the most undisciplined people you know, reliant on the distractions of western society. Please don’t listen to anyone who says you shouldn’t make your idea a reality and tells you to instead just continue working for somebody else, to save money so you can get a mortgage for a home, and to live happily in that home with the partner you haven’t even found yet. Walk away from that person and email me so I can instead encourage you, and help you, to make it all a reality.

I’ve had people shoot down my ideas before. All they had was excuses for why the idea wouldn’t work, the hurdles I would face and a general pessimism toward the value of the product. Those people are confused — they think they are being “realistic” or that people “need to hear the negatives to succeed” — really though these people just like to avoid risk, and think living life is playing it safe and making just enough money to enjoy all of the distractions.

So, do you really want to reach that milestone? To achieve that goal? Are you convinced you’re just not a motivated individual? Don’t just assume you’re not motivated enough to achieve something. Have a long think about if you really want it. Maybe the problem is you don’t want it, and therefore you should stop saying you wish you were motivated to achieve it. If you do want it, whatever it is, get it!

Motivation is a choice, a choice to be disciplined and to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. However big or small your goal is, stop making excuses and just do it. If it is to go to the gym more, do it. If it is to setup your website, do it. If it is to keep your car clean, do it. A re-frame is required — it’s not whether or not you have time to do these things, it’s whether or not you will make the time to do these things.

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For anyone who could relate with any of the concepts described above, I encourage you to contact me. Lets get in touch. My aim is to encourage and inspire a new generation of high-achievers. I know from experience that talking to someone who genuinely wants you to succeed in your goals is invigorating, and can be all it takes to help you make the decision to be motivated.