It Can’t Happen Here (Can It?)
Reed Galen

Dream another dream cause this dream is over. America may never be the same, but the system is dead and gone. Out in the World we’re not mad, we’re pissed. We will not comply. Stuff the ballot boxes and have a party, cause its over, one way or another. Listen to your hero JFK, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable“.” Its not Occupy the park across from Wall Street, its angry Americans gunned up to protect ourselves from an invasion sponsored by traitors in low places whose elitism is as fake as their smiles. Granny has nothing to lose, she’s dead already. How long can that decrepit old hag live? She doesn’t look a day under 1000. All of you are living in a Fantasy World. We’re not allowing invaders to outvote us and then going along to being a Third World Hellhole. Kiss your ass good-bye, if they cheat and drag that dessicated corpse of Hillary across the finish line. That finish line could finish all of you. That’s not a threat, its a warning. They crossed the line. Helping invaders is treason. That parliament of whores is no government, its a criminal enterprise. Quid pro Ho, is over, one way or another.

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