College Football Always Brings Fans Something Special #RESM560V

Once again college football provided fans with another entertaining weekend. I think it is fair to say college football could arguably be the most entertaining sport, with the most passionate fan bases across the country. In my opinion, Saturdays in the fall is the best time of year. I am always fascinated by seeing any good game that is televised. This past Saturday was no exception. With Hogs taking down the Tigers in a four overtime thriller, was just the beginning of a great football Saturday. The Georgia Tech and Florida State game was the icing on the cake.

There is nothing greater than seeing an underdog take a game they were not supposed to win. Unless of course, the underdog is playing the Hogs. I am not sure many people gave Georgia Tech a chance but Georgia Tech fought until the last second of the game. That last second ended up being the one second they needed to defeat Florida State. Florida State was attempting a field goal try to win the game with a few seconds left in regulation. The kick was blocked, picked up by a Tech defender, and scored an epic game winning touchdown. To defeat Florida State 22–16.

“When I picked it up and started running up the field, I saw a lot of green,” Austin said. “So I was like, `OK, I can return it.”
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“I thought I hit the ball well,” the kicker said. “I looked up and didn’t see it flying down the middle. Then I saw it on the ground. A lot of their guys, a lot of our guys thought it was dead. It was kind of confusing.”
A game like this is going to go down in history,” said Gamble. “I’m going to be old and grey one day, and I can tell my child about this.”

When the underdog comes out on top, and beats a team that has not lost a regular season game in almost three years, is a good thing to watch. Rather in life to watch someone against all odds achieve, or watching a team achieve is an awesome thing. College football brings something special to people all over the country every week during the Fall. The best part is, it only gets better as the passion and excitement increase. Either disappointed or excited from the outcome of the game, it would be hard not to appreciate how special the game of football is. Anything is possible when there is still time left on the clock.

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