The list began to pile up as I started to crumble.

Who knew life could be so complicated. Oh wait we all do, but it still manages to creep up on us.

So in the last month it would be fair to say I’ve spent way too much time in my flat. Not even necessarily studying but, doing anything. You would think spending time with the people closest to you at university is a good thing. Well I found out there is a point where it becomes unhealthy.

Obviously I enjoy every waking minute with these people I consider my friends but, there does come a time when you need your own space. Having already found out who my closest friends are at uni I’ve been reluctant to go out as much.

What this has done is that we are beginning to become less appreciative of each other’s company and are becoming more irritable. Evidently you don’t want this to happen but it does.

With the many stresses that uni can create; assignments, money and social obligations you’d think you would be able to handle them separately, this is easier said than done.

This last week has been rather stressful for me personally. Having an uphill struggle with an assignment that I’m determined to finish with time to spare. Then there is the fact I’ve been stuck in my flat, with little social interaction from people on my course who’s company can be a relieve sometimes. As for the elephant in the room. The house hunt has been rather tasking. Who would of thought that deciding where you live next year with people you only met 3 months ago could be so stressful.

It was Wednesday when it hit me square in the face. Let me tell you, it was a hard blow to take. Knowing this was all going on and having to make a decision of great importance it did affect me. Despite ordinarily being quite indecisive, never have I changed my mind so much.

If this week has taught me a lesson, it would definitely be to regularly consult my feelings in writing. For some reason seeing them written down actually materialises them making them easier to deal with.