First I will start with what I have worked on over this trimester in terms of what projects. I will be talking briefly of each and then screen shotting a piece of gameplay to keep this short as my MTT Post-Mortem was 3500 words long.

Synth Racer

For the first project i worked on during my time this trimester i created a skull and helped with textures. Here is a screen shot of the playable game and you can also see my skull which has the WEBGL texture applied which does not have the metalic texture applied.

Here is the textured model which was put into the windows and mac versions of the game build. The model is stylized to meet the brief i was set, and for this I needed to email my progress with the games student a lot to make sure I was on track with the style he required. Approximately 14 emails and 20 slack messages were sent and received. The Main outcome of this project wasn't the build and final product but the friendship i have currently with a games student. Who has already envisioned a whole project for us to both work on in studio 3.


Next up is the Echidna badge which was created for a ciu assessment scenario which made us create a fake event and media for that event… This was a badge which protesters could wear when attending the said event.

Last Minute Model

Within the final minutes of being on campus on a friday. 
Jack McClenaghan the games student which i worked on Synth Racer with was looking for a model that would resemble a fortune cookie of some sort.

Although i didn't have to much time to work with i made sure he had something that he liked for his assessment. By doing this he was appreciative and also put my name in the credits which is sick. Although i don’t feel i deserve the outcome i do feel the happiness of saving someone in the final minutes of an assessment which is a great feeling. It wouldn't have been the end of the world for him but it was definitely worth it.

My Project

Needing more in terms of working on projects, I made a plee to the games student who was excited to work on a team fortress 2 styled shooting range game with the gun model I made.

In future we plan to make a bone skull texture and add the heads into a shooting range which allows you to fire/reload/roll and move around. We already have the firing and moving as well as mesh explosions when you shoot the props in game such as the skull, barrel and bottle.

  • For this i created a fire animation too.

What Worked Well?

For my specialisation I found myself this and last trimester sticking my head into multiple areas and fields. This slowed down my workload a lot and made me produce next to no work or progress. In this Cross-discipline assessment i wanted to keep my head into the one field which was games. By doing that i’ve made an amazing friend who in-turn wants to work with me more.

I have learned a lot about level design and how we as game creators need to create small little details that will help the players of games just understand what is happening or where they need to be a little more clear.

What Didn't Work Well?

Really the only things that I don’t like about all of the work i did in this field is the fact that I didn’t start my own project for cross discipline earlier. I have noticed that games students really want to work on games that they haven’t come up with themselves and also want input in early concepting stages about what each game should be about.

Next studio I hope to be apart of a games project from the get go and be in constant communication from day one. This will be great as well specifically because i wont have to touch unreal engine or troubleshooting in areas where I lost a lot of personal work time this trimester.

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