Stop Falling for Celebrities’ Jedi Mind Tricks

We have so much access to information, there’s no reason to be a sheep on any issue whatsoever.

Why on Earth would you care what any of these people think about a huge issue like the EU Referendum?

Not that this issue is anything new, but the way celebrities endorse socio-political movements drives me crazy. It’s not so much that celebrities aren’t experts (though, for the most part, they aren’t), it’s that we live in an age of unparalleled access to information, and still people care what George Clooney thinks about the American presidential race or what David Beckham’s opinion is about the EU Referendum.

I don’t blame the famous people. Everyone gets their say, everybody can express their opinion via any means to which they have access. That’s free speech.

No, I blame people. Average people. People who are simply dumb or lazy enough to care what celebrities think. This must be a lot of people because the phenomenon is not going away — you can see it trend on social media and get covered by traditional media. It probably dates all the way back to Ancient Rome, like so many elements of Western society.

Hillary Clinton sought out Lena Dunham’s endorsement in the primaries. Does anyone think that she did so because she truly values Lena Dunham’s judgement and wants someone like her on her side?

No, she did it because you care. You, the people out there tweeting, snapchatting, instagramming about it. Because it’ll get her votes. Because there are people who really, legitimately, on some level think, “Well, if Lena’s for Clinton, so am I.”

It’s a cynical move by Clinton (which just makes her an average politician), but it’s one that shows that so many people have little more intellectual power than those Stormtroopers on whom Obi Wan Kenobi pulled a Jedi mind trick.

Don’t be like the the Stormtroopers!

“The force [of famous people] can have a strong influence on the weak minded.”

People: You have Google. You have access to almost every newspaper in the world. You have data published on the web, and experts upon experts interpreting that data for various audiences. You have social media, e-books, regular books that can be delivered to your door within a day or two. People, you have it all, you are beholden to no one for your information and opinions on everything from professional sports drafts to geopolitical treatise.

But still, Oprah expresses her opinion and you make it trend.

It makes me sad. It’s not going to stop.

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