Facebook Adding “Guides” Feature to 360-degree Videos

For businesses using social media, this will allow for more focus videos, if someone wanted to make a 360-degree video and post it to Facebook, they could now dictate the focal point of the video. Businesses can use this to target specific marketing pieces within their videos, increasing the amount of time that a consumer would be looking at it. Businesses can also use this feature to cut out any possible noise within the video, meaning that the user will not spend as much time feeling lost in the video, possibly not knowing what he/she is looking for.

The video feature is called guides, and it will now be turned on by default for users who are uploading 360-degree video. The article also discusses new analytics that Facebook is offering, which include stats on who is watching, demographics, location, and how they are interacting with the content. This is a key feature for businesses who need to make data driven decisions. Statistics are key in showing the value in a social PR department. The more data that we are able to gather about our audience, the more tailored our message can be.

Referenced Material: http://mashable.com/2016/08/10/facebook-360-video-guide/?utm_cid=hp-n-2#3iew9NJijEqA

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