I Left A Year Ago

This month marks a full year since I left home, leaving home can either be tough or exciting, for me it was definitely and has been a mix of both. The excitement came when I packed up my car and drove with one of my really good friends John Worth to Rochester, MN from Michigan. The tough part came when I realized exactly where I moved to. Living in Rochester MN I learned how to be content with being alone, which leaves a lot of time for introspection and learning things about yourself. While I was there living with 3 guys I never met before and a place that I had never seen before (booked it on Craigslist because the move in fees were dirt cheap) I learned a lot about what I did not only want out of a job (I was working in corporate finance at IBM) but also out of city.

Rochester MN

I left Rochester MN after about 2.5 months to move to Washington DC to take a job in product management at U.S News & World Report, again this is where a mix of excitement and it being tough come into play. It was exciting because I got a job in one of my preferred locations in the field that I wanted to work in…the tough part was that they did not pay for relocation so guess who slept on their friends(Shout out to Khai Thomas) couch their first couple of months in D.C while they saved money for their own spot? This guy. While some romanticize sleeping on a couch when trying to chase the dream that gets old very quickly. What I learned during this time that it is an asset to have people who will help you out while you are trying to get on your feet, and like i tell Khai all the time I would not be where I am without his help.

Washington D.C

Once I moved out into my own place again with people I did not know and met on Craigslist I finally found myself being more content (at least I had my own room and bathroom now) Since my move in costs were so close to the holidays I had to miss both Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family this past holiday season. Thanksgiving was fine because a good friend of mine Jessica Joyner invited me over to her place to spend thanksgiving with her and her friends/family. Again, having people that care about you in an area is so very crucial. Unfortunately, I spent Christmas by myself and when I say alone it was like all my roommates were gone and everyone else was with their families type of alone which had me questioning if all of this sacrifice was truly worth whatever benefit I was getting out of this.

“Should I give up Or should I keep chasing pavements?..even if it leads nowhere”

Merry Christmas!

Through my time away from home I have learned how to be alone and do things alone, how else are you going to meet people and form some bonds? I have checked out events by myself all the time and it was my go to until I met people through Lunch Bag Social which is an effort here in D.C to feed the homeless in the D.C area, and I am very lucky to have met really dope people through that event.

The Lunch Bag Social Crew!

Although my first year away has not been all sunshine I would not trade the experience because it has helped me grow in ways I did not think possible, if sleeping on a couch for months does not count as stepping outside of your comfort zone I do not know what does!

My time in D.C is coming to a close as I prepare to make my hopefully final move to the west coast to start business school at USC, Go Trojans! Below are some of my key takeaways from my first of many years away from home.

USC! Fight On!
  1. Be comfortable with being alone and doing things alone its a necessary part of the process!
  2. If you do move to a new area, try to have people in the area that care about you so when things get rough you have someone to spend time with!
  3. Money can get tight if you are living in a high cost area so be okay with being broke sometimes, that check will come!

4.If you can make it through the first year you can make it through them all!

When deciding to leave where you are to get to where you want to be, you should always ask yourself…is the dream worth the chase?