People Fall In Love With The Service Not The Product

When I think of why I use the products I use it is not always because they are that much superior to other products on the market it is because of the service I receive. I will quickly highlight 3 examples of products I love and would recommend purely due to their customer service and nothing else.

  • Sprint, I love Sprint not because of their phone coverage but back when I could not pay my bill on time they would work with me via their payment arrangement service and their prompt customer service that would make sure I was not disconnected when money was tight.
  • Apple, I love Apple because whenever I have an issue with my phone or my Mac the folks at the Genius Bar are always knowledgeable and know how to fix my issue quickly and send me on my way. Apple even employs students to do customer service for those who cannot visit a Genius Bar in person.
  • VWO, Visual Web Optimizer is an A/B testing platform and I love them because when we have questions at work about how to implement a test the way we want…the customer service engineers are not only knowledgable but speedy as well. Even with some of the most complicated implementation requests.

In conclusion, optimizing customer service should be on every product teams roadmap. Technology can be copied, but a top notch customer experience is hard to bite.

People will always remember how you made them feel when they did not know what to do.
Genius Bar