Product & People

Felt like writing so I wanted to touch on some things I have learned during my time in Product Management on the Autos vertical at U.S News & World Report.

  • Learning how to use Google Analytics in a variety of ways
  • Learned how SEO ties into product development from an engineering and editorial perspective
  • Learning the differences on how to implement and when to run A/B, Multivariate and Split URL tests
  • Working with external partners to triage issues and implement enhancements to the site
  • Learned that numbers will tell you the what but not the why
  • How leveraging sites such as can give you insights that raw numbers and percent changes cannot about your customers/visitors
  • Learning how product improvements no matter how small or big should be either attached to a KPI or attached to an overarching goal outlined in the product roadmap
  • Learned how something as simple as a CTA change can impact conversion rates by A LOT
  • Learned how sprints are planned and executed
  • Learned how to look at UX through a funnel
The above were learned both independently and from working closely with my team. Special shout out to my boss for giving me the space to learn and add value where I saw opportunities as well!