Joshua Patrick Rochford Specializes In the Development of Software Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Joshua Patrick Rochford is an Implementation Manager at Applied Statistics and Management, Temecula, CA. The company was founded in 1982 with the aim to develop and support software solutions that leverage the newest technologies and methodologies for the healthcare industry. In the past, Joshua has served as a Senior Signal Sergeant at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

Joshua Patrick Rochford was a baseball umpire for 10 years for Temecula Youth Baseball. He worked at the snack bar providing food and beverages to baseball players and families during the game times. He provided assistance to opening and closing day ceremonies for the end and beginning of baseball seasons. He also took care of tasks like chalking the fields or maintaining field cleanliness.

Joshua Patrick Rochford has a laundry list of achievements. He has been awarded the Secret Clearance from United States DOD on March 04 2011. He received a Distinguished Honor Graduate award from Signal Brigade Fort Gordon, GA on February 20 2012. He was listed amongst the top 5 of 1000+ students for the highest score in the military. In free time, Joshua likes to play the guitar or enjoy his favorite wines. His other interests include snowboarding, hiking, playing xbox one, exercising, reading about networking and programming, and traveling. He also likes to spend time with his French bulldog names Kali.