Nucific Bio X4: The Weight Loss Supplement

Losing weight can be challenging especially when you are trying to lose a considerable amount of weight. It can often turn out to be a hard-fought battle and some people may end up becoming chronic dieters.

Some of the main challenges people trying to lose weight face include reduced metabolism and the sometimes the overwhelming craving for food, especially fatty foods. You can now overcome these challenges using Nucific Bio X4, a supplement that specifically helps increase metabolism and reduces the cravings. Using this supplement helps you attain all your weight loss goals. Moreover, you will not suffer from reduced energy, which affects many dieters derailing them from reaching their desired weight.

Nucific Bio X4 meets all the required health and safety standards. It contains natural products only and includes probiotics and key digestive enzymes. It does not contain any gluten, fillers, or lactose making it safe to consume and assist you in your weight loss journey.

Here is a breakdown of each of the components of the supplement.


Nucific Bio X4 contains 12 billion colonies forming units (CFU’s) of the beneficial bacteria to help maintain the proper balance of bacteria in the digestive system. When the gut does not have the right balance of bacteria, it often leads to problems such as constipation, stomachache, and gas. The bacteria in Bio X4 are very effective and users have even reported that they no longer experiencing bloating and gas after meals thanks to the CFU’s.

Digestive enzymes

The supplement also contains three key digestive enzymes i.e. amylase, lipase, and bromelin. These enzymes are small protein molecules that help the body break down food. They also help the body when it comes to absorbing nutrients. The enzyme lipase is used to breakdown fats, while amylase breaks down sugars and bromelin breaks down proteins. As we age, the production of these key enzymes diminishes. This diminishing level of production interferes with the breakdown of the critical foods. Nucific Bio X4 replenishes the reduced enzymes restoring the rate of this breakdown to its optimal level.

The Production of Nucific Bio X4

A probiotic product can only work when the bacteria contained within the capsule are alive. Some probiotic products are not effective because the bacteria within the capsule are dead because of improper storage of the products or due to poorly manufactured capsules. Nucific goes to great lengths to ensure their products are safe and effective by carefully cultivating the bacteria and stabilizing them before placing them into the capsules.

They also fortify the capsules with natural products that ensure the destruction of the bacteria by stomach acid before it reaches the digestive tract does not happen.

Additionally, after the manufacturing process, the capsules are stored using optimal moisture, lighting, sterilization, and temperature to ensure their safety and efficacy is maintained. They are then shipped to third party laboratories. There, they will undergo further quality checks to ascertain their safety. This means users can confidently use the Nucific Bio X4 supplement because it goes through stringent quality checks before it gets to them. Unlike other supplements, it does not require refrigeration, having gone through a flash freezing process that eliminates the need to refrigerate, which means you can store it for months and even years.


Here are some frequently asked questions about this product

1. What amount should I purchase?

180-day supply for a family and a 90-day supply for an individual

30-day supply (one bottle) — $99

90-day supply (three bottles) — $261.36

180-day supply (six bottles) — $487.08

2. What if the product fails to cater to my needs?

Nucific is confident that this product will deliver the promised results but if you are dissatisfied, you can send the product back within 90 days of purchase and you will receive a full refund.

3. What is the recommended dosage?

One capsule with each meal is ideal.

4. Is Bio X4 safe?

Nucific completely stand by the safety of the product.

5. What should I do if I miss a day?

We recommend you follow the recommended dosage but in case you skip a day simply resume taking the dosage the following day. You do not have to take more to catch up.

6. How soon will I see results?

Everyone’s digestive system is different but it normally takes 30 days to start experiencing the results. For some people, it may take 60 days to notice results; you should see results within 60 days if you follow instructions and complement the process with exercise and eating healthily.

If you’d like to learn more about Nucific Bio X4, you can go to their website, or click here.