5 Ways to Improve Your Companies Cultural DNA


Company culture is a part of the DNA of a the businesses daily function. That can translate into something boring or gets people excited to come to work. Ultimately though it is the biggest factor of effective business growth. So with that out of the way lets get into it shall we…

Have Fun

Regardless of what kind of company or industry you are in there is always time and room for fun. This is different for every company. It is my belief that one of the biggest ingredients to a brands success is the “ Creative. “ In order to have fun you have to be creative. Now if you are not, that’s fine. Know that then be humble enough to appoint someone who you believe has the best creativity in your organization then work with them to come up with ways to have fun at work. I know of one company who has a no pants day. Literally they show up in their underwear. This is doesn’t work for everyone but this does for them. Its freeing and allows everyone to wear some of the most creative underwear they can find as long as it is not too revealing. You may be thinking this is some lingerie company. Well…. you would be wrong. Its a software company worth millions and I know the CEO personally.

Word of advice: Consult your lawyer before doing this kind of thing.

Leadership By Example

This might seem to you like a no brainer. I assure you though this is common sense, a lot do not practice this. I always express that everything in business stems from the top. I believe this fully. There is no reason that any of your employees are working harder than you. Call me traditional, but I believe in being the first one working at my company and the last one to leave. I don’t always have to be there to to practice this. That what integrity is for. You have to set an example. It helps to create a culture of getting things done and shows that you can have fun and be serious too. Knowing when to have fun and get the job done is magical. All eyes are on you and will always be so be that person.

Schedule Face to Face meetings

We live in an ever growing digital world. At some point it will be embedded inside of us almost like a tattoo. Again here I am with being traditional. A face to face meeting is incredibly powerful. I meet with my clients and communicate with my team digitally. Usually on Skype or Google Hangout. Its now easy to work remotely from anywhere and if you travel a lot this is such a good thing. However make every effort to meet and sit with your employees and clients. I for example have many clients coming from another state than my own and as a result I will be planning a flight there to meet with several of them. The impact of meeting with a person face to face has no comparison. Every employee though deserves to get to know the person who runs the company.

Celebrate Wins

Celebrate wins regardless of company size. We can become so focused as entrepreneurs on the the clouds and our journey that we can lose sight of the individual wins along the way. This can be off-putting to other employees in the company. By celebrating all the wins along the way it shows that your a leader who cares about whats going on and that even the small things matter. This allows your team to connect with each other and you on a much deeper level. This will translate into more business and having what I call internal brand advocates. For me and my business this translates into more business. My employee will be more inclined to network on behalf of the company when they over hear the needs of someone and we can provide a solution to that need.

Hire based on culture

Hire based on culture. This is important. The team has to work well together. One thing I am also big on is that I am not afraid to lose someone talented if they cannot get along with others. Everyone is different, but fitting someone into the culture created is huge because you are only as strong as your weakest link. Doing this shows your organization as well that you care about their well being as well. To grow and be effective you have to have a strong culture and strong team. Profit is important. However it should not be the top of the list. Culture is first and then the money will come because the energy is good.

This is what I implement in my company Hiiro Media and what I teach my clients to do as well. ( If they ask for it ) I have no problem though turning down clients who I think are not able to grasp these concepts and I am not afraid to voice my opinion that they have to change some things internally in order for what we do to have its biggest impact for their brand. So what are your thoughts? Should I add more to this list? Do you think this is too hard to do? Leave your comments and questions below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

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