How to Scale your New or Existing Business

Social media is hard, and its also time consuming. Even with that being said it is incredible important for your business to thrive. This is important Especially if you have a small business or a startup.

I think small businesses greatly underestimate the power of equalization social media gives to small companies or startups. It allows you to play the game of business with the big boys.

I want to caution anyone who is even remotely thinking of hiring a guru, or expert, or purchasing an Ebook or seminar. I give all my knowledge for free online and when I speak. Anyone who is truly a practitioner has given their information for free because there is a clear difference with obtaining knowledge and knowing how to partner that with ones own talent to get results. Look social media takes commitment, hard work and consistency. Funds have to be allocated towards implementing a social media strategy. Just having a profile and posting stuff sometimes is not the same as having a presence. To make your customers aware of you and what you have to offer takes skill and talent. You can have all the skill in the world but at some point you will plateau because talent trumps skill.

Every tweet, every comment on every platform you are on has to be responded to. I have had several clients say ‘ Do I really need to respond to everyone of them?’ and the answer is yes. I always ask a question back to them ‘ do you care about them ‘ they are your customers. They took time out of their day to let you know how much they loved your café latte. It’s about building equity in your brand. Equity is what keeps your business growing. How do you build that, is by being human.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product or service. At the end of the day you are dealing with human beings. They don’t want to interact with an entity that is not human. If you are not and your competition is then your customer will leave you for the other company. When you make your customer feel as though you care they will be loyal.

So I ask you, stop paying money for billboards that no one is looking at anyways because if you are stuck in traffic or in your car look to your left or to your right (do this when you are not driving or at a stop) and tell me what you see. People are scrolling through their phones. Stop putting out commercials because no one watches them. They are either looking at their phone during commercials or fast-forwarding through them. Start taking that money and investing in hiring people to create relevant content and put it in places that your customers are actually paying attention to.

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