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A fishing enthusiast’s* guide to quickly setting up a persistent Terraria Server, and then getting a bit extra with it (e.g. custom URL)

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My rendition of the Amazon Lightsail, Docker, and RaspberryPi icons done in Terraria (I am not an artist)

As alluded to in the title, this is going to be a multi-article article (maa? 🐑):

  • Part 2 will contain the parts of this article that do cost some money, but may provide a better long term solution if you are really interested in running your own server…

In case anyone hasn’t heard, Pluralsight Live is happening soon…

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Saying I’m extremely excited may be an understatement. Whether it was the keynote speakers that were there, the private concert that we rocked to one night, the company that I went with, or a combination of all of those, Pluralsight Live 2017 was one of the highlights of my year. I’m very grateful that I can attend again, and to commemorate that fact, I decided to create a new face for my watch! …

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An image depicting my opinion that non-code changes should not trigger the standard build pipeline (yay for PowerPoint).

Article Organization

  • Who is this article really for?
  • Intro Statement
  • Before I explain the asterisk (an explanation of CI/CD)
  • Now, back to the asterisk (keeping non-code files in your repositories)
  • How to not trigger a build on a commit of certain files (with VSTS, possibly more to come)
  • Conclusions

Who is this article really for?

To be honest, software people (developers, support staff) that have a bit of experience under their belt will probably understand this article the most. However, reading this article will at least introduce newcomers in the software industry to terms that will benefit them in their future.

Intro Statement

It is common practice to put a…

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A quick tutorial on how to retrieve your Travis-CI API Access Token using either Windows or Ubuntu based systems.

Why is this token useful?

You could use this token to accomplish a few different tasks:

  1. Editing environment variables of a Travis-CI environment without using the website.
  2. Validating the .travis.yml file used in builds.

Quick Warning

Your Travis-CI access token (the thing that will be generated at the end of this) is powerful and could be used for nefarious purposes if others got a hold of it. So, in the wise words of Gandalf the Grey,

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It’s a combination of two logos. Don’t think about it too hard.

A developer’s guide on creating a super simple website that has a custom domain name with Docker and Amazon Lightsail.

Article Organization

  • Who is this article really for?
  • How to read this article.
  • What will be made?
  • The actual walkthrough
  • A brief explanation on “Why Amazon Lightsail and Docker?”

Who is this article really for?

The term “developer’s guide” in the subtitle could refer to the fact that the author (me) is technically a developer, or it could refer to my assumption that developers may find this article to be more useful than those who do not care about development. So, which is it? My answer is, “it…

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A senior developer gives a proud junior developer a sour face because the code that the junior wrote, even though it works, makes no sense when read.

Pretend that you just graduated from school and your first job wants you to write C# code. No big deal, right? In college you learned a few languages, say Java, C, and C++, and you probably found that after you learned that first language, learning the others came much easier. At this point, I am not going to tell you that you are wrong. In fact, I agree: once you learn how to learn a language, learning new ones is easier. (I will even make that statement a quote because I think it sounds neat.)

Once you learn how to…

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That light bulb is you, and the six circles are the items you will be thinking about (the five items presented in this article plus whatever you were thinking about before you read this).

“Known” honestly goes too far, if I had only heard of the following concepts, I would have been better off…

To be consistent with that sentiment, I am not going to go into detail around these topics (others have already covered them much better than I could anyways). I will, however, provide a quick summary around why each topic is important, as well as some links that could help you learn about them. Keep in mind that many of these are advanced concepts, and as such, may not make the most sense in the beginning.

Before you begin

It is useful to take…

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Just like the person in this picture, we are going to be taking some dough and squishing it into something kind of useful

This article will walk you through how to create a very simple style for Button control.


Creating styles and templates from scratch can be a very arduous process. As such, there will an article later on that will walk you through creating one from an existing style and control template. Creating one from scratch is still a good learning experience though (so read on).

Article Code

You can find the code for this article in a GitHub repository.

Step 1 — Setup the project

First things first, you have to create a project to store and run your code.

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Above is a blender, which is close in name to the tool that we will be using (Blend)

The following will provide a brief overview of various aspects of Blend that will be useful in the articles that follow.

This is the second article of the Styling WPF applications is easy! series.

Other articles include

  1. The Introduction
  2. A quick introduction to Blend (this article)
  3. Creating your first button style from scratch!
  4. More to follow…


This series of articles will be using Microsoft Blend 2017, which is installed when you install Visual Studio 2017. If you have not done so already, install the latest version of Visual Studio (Community Edition will be fine). …

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Your mind reaching for new heights once you realize how easy it is to make new styles (it is a picture of a SpaceX rocket taking off)

After teaching a few people how easy it is to create new styles for WPF applications, I decided it would be a better use of my time (and theirs) if I wrote everything down in a tutorial format. This first article, and the ones that are bound to follow, are the result of that decision.

Before reading

By the fact that you found this article, I am hoping that you have had some prior exposure to WPF. As such, I will not be diving into the details of different components. Do not let that scare you off though! The articles that come…

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