RideData: Day 240.

Still snowing.

Every month on the 23rd or so I write an update of wtf I’m doing with the RideData app over the past month and plan the next one.

In February I finally launched a solid version one of the web app at RideData.net . Now while you ride your motorcycle you can record data with RideData and upload it to the web to check it out not just on a small mobile screen but in the browser on a laptop / desktop. It was really the most solid update so far to RideData. I had to update the app and make it ready for the whole thing, add a login and the web app.

It’s finally March 23 so four months since launch and in Colorado today it’s a snow storm, that means it’s motorcycle season ☺

I spent the past few weeks making sure the app works with Android Marshmallow because I wasn’t able to upgrade my phone until now. I changed around a few things and I’m still testing but the update I pushed last night offers some major improvements.

I changed to a Google AMP style website for the main content page and I’m gearing up for the next month.

I’ll be putting a chain on my bike soon and can finally start testing a new hardware configuration I’ll have plenty of details on soon. In the immediate future I’m practicing what I’m not good at to get better. And adding some cool stuff to RideData.

First I’m working on a weather app. I know, I know, there must be 10,000,000 weather apps why even waste my time? What can I do different? Well weather is a major factor on any motorcycle ride. I live in Colorado. In addition to our marijuana you might have heard about our fires and floods. A few years ago we had the biggest air rescue effort in the USA since Hurricane Katrina!

I pay close attention to the weather and try to beyond just looking around especially when I’m in the mountains. I always felt like there was something missing from weather apps I’ve used.

Also the warm weather means it’s finally making sense to really start advertising RideData locally. I think success of any business comes from meeting people, and actually representing what I do and who I am. I’m working on print materials and getting on the road with it all to advertise around Colorado.

What unique stuff can I offer the market for weather apps? I can never find a report for current temperature / future 100 miles from me when I need it. Second, the wind chill factor, hypothermia and motorcycle riders have a unique relationship. I think I can help people stay more aware of current conditions they are facing. My goal going into the spring? Avoid hypothermia ☺

What else am I doing? I’d love to develop software that makes being a car enthusiast, backyard mechanic, technician and make driving better. I think it sounds like a cool challenge.

I’m starting with more automotive calculators, so far I have a tire size conversion app and throttle body chooser. I’m planning to add a few more to help with automotive math.

Really only a few people would ever care about that type of thing but the ones who do really really do. I won’t have the only one, yet there may not be 10,000,000 similar apps either. Either way I’ll make it unique and hope someone uses it. The point is for it to be painfully simple to use while I get a chance to practice making landing pages and most importantly writing the copy for the landing pages, I want to get better at all of it from marketing to programming.

By next month at this time I hope to have a weather app, a couple more updates to RideData and a couple more automotive calculators. Hopefully with that I’ll at least be on my way towards being more than a one horse show.

By this time in May I plan to have support for more hardware and Bluetooth low energy support. I need to ride my bike to really test the hardware and by May it will be summer in beautiful Colorado ☺