I can’t ever remember dating being this difficult. Didn’t it used to be easy? Did it ever use to be easy?

I ate dinner with a girl today and it felt…not boring but like it was more of a chore than something that I was supposed to be enjoying. To be fair to her, there was nothing wrong with her per se. While she didn’t resemble her picture a whole lot (how many girls actually do look like their pictures nowadays), that was something easy to get past. She seemed like she had a nice personality, and conversation seemed to happen fairly naturally/easily.

But I didn’t feel a spark, or any sort of attraction to her. Am I supposed to feel something that early? I spoke to her for an hour (is that even enough time?) and it felt like making a new friend. Obviously not what I was looking for, but is that even something I can help? Am I supposed to force myself to be attracted to someone who I don’t find attractive?

I don’t even know what I’m looking for anymore. What kind of person am I looking for? Will I know it when I meet them? Too many questions and nowhere to find answers. Sigh.

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