Everything I’m Doing

My project for innovations is doing pretty well right now. With three acts and a venue, I should be able to give a solid product for my audience. Right now I’m working on a large email to send to over 250 people. I need to meet with my mentor this weekend so that he can help me in finishing this but it’s going to look great. Obviously I have a date a place, the time moved to January 9th at 7 to 9 though. I’m working on getting food for the event. I have cameras and the whole event will be periscoped.

My Twitter account has been growing a lot. I only have about 60 followers but I have been growing a lot lately. For the most part I have been publishing all the email materials that I have made and it looks pretty good. Below is an example of one of those tweets.

I’m still planning on making a video to promote the event that I will post on YouTube. That should be coming out in the next week.

In conclusion I have a lot going on here I hope to do really well and see as many people as possible at the event!!!