Noblesville Comedy

Comedy is a great form of entertainment. It is greatly appreciate everywhere in the United States. It’s likely we all have seen the best Will Ferrell movies or that one skit by key and peel with the substitute teacher or maybe you have even dabbled into a couple stand ups on YouTube or Netflix, but how many of us have gone to a comedy club and enjoyed it. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, to go see Tim Hawking Live or Jim Gaffigan.

I did some research, where is the closest Comedy club, open mic, comedy festival, ect. I found a lot that dissapointed me. The closest spot was in downtown Indy. There is an open mic in downtown noblesville but it’s widely unorganized. I’m still a minor so for these clubs it’s either impossible to get into a comedy night or I have to get a parent to take me. Also impossible. Cross roads is coming up, but really it’s just a big block party with a hangover comedian to cover untill it starts again the next day. Also it’s not cheap to get in.

The answer

So what is the answer, how do I get passed these problems, reform the comedy scene. I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up an open mic in places in downtown noblesville. How great would it be if we as a community could all enjoy a good laugh togeather. As a business man I feel I must sell a helpful product. Something that gives back to the community. Comedy sells itself if you let it. Sharing laughs with a friend is the best way to bond and let’s be real, adults are already boring enough and most of them need a whole life reform. So stepping out of our comfort zones and trying something different, enjoying comedy with friends, can make our community so much better. So my answer was starting noblesville comedy. My objective is to bring comedy to Noblesville and the surrounding areas.

What I Need

This is a short list of ways you can help. If you want to help please give me phone numbers and emails.

  • Sponsorships… if you don’t have room but want some cheap advertisement at a future event, that would be great.
  • Comedians… if you know a legitament comedian, who is interested or you are interested hit me. I want to avoid big name suggestions like Kevin Hart.
  • I have a lot of ideas for venues, but if you know someone who would be interested in combining my business with theirs (like a restraunt).
  • Volunteering… if I grow enough you might be able to get paid.
  • Follow me @joshuaeger12 or @NobComedy for support and info about my business. Also favorite and retweet
  • Tell you friends and be intensional about making it to one of the events.

Thanks for Following my blog and here is all my contact info. Please spread the blog… thanks!!!



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