How to get an entry level QA job

I have received soo many emails from people asking this question, so I decided to write a blog post about how to land an entry level qa job :-)

First things first, forget all of the things that you read online from QA training companies that tell you that in order to land an entry level QA job you need more degrees or training certificates! Nothing could be further from the truth! Here’s what you really need:

Ability to market yourself

People skills

Interviewing skills

technical skills

In that order! Everyone trying to get hired does it all wrong, they only focus on the technical skills. Yes you need technical skills, but when trying to land an entry level QA job, it’s a lot more on who you are than what you know. I am sure this will tick of a whole bunch of people who have master’s degrees and still can’t get a job, but the truth is the key to landing an entry level QA job is not that hard if you are willing to think outside the box.

Most people trying to land an entry level QA job wake up, jump online and check their email for any replies to the resumes they sent out the day before. Then they go onto Dice, Indeed, Monster, and, and spam the heck out of any and all jobs that are even close to what they want.

Guess what?

That method no longer works, you are just 1 resume on a pile of thousands, everyone is doing it wrong, stop fighting for the 13% — 17% of jobs listed online, and instead focus on tapping into the 80%+ of jobs in the hidden job market!

HOW? … I’m glad you asked :-)

How are you remarkable??? If you start talking about your degrees and education, you just failed. Let me rephrase the question:

“How are you remarkable WITHOUT mentioning your degrees, or education?”

You can’t stand out from the crowd when you are wearing camouflage. You need to find out what it is that makes you unique and then flaunt it! Don’t be obnoxious, but be proud of the fact that you were self employed for 7.5 years and used to be a Blacksmith, don’t try to hide that!

The above is really the key to getting hired, but I’ll give you 7 practical ways to actually get noticed and hired for entry level QA job.

1. Learn the basics of programming.

2. Learn Ruby it’s the easiest and best scripting language out there.

3. Join local meetup groups and attend regularly.

4. Write a basic testing tool.

5. Give a short presentation at a local meetup group ( 5–10 minutes ) and show other coding “noobs” how you made your testing script.

6. At the end of your talk mention that you want to get a QA job, and to keep you in mind.

7. Repeat steps 1–6

IF you actively ADD VALUE to a local community and know the basics of coding, know how to interview and don’t treat people like a butt, you will land an entry level QA job in no time!

I’ve helped over 30+ people land entry level QA jobs and junior dev jobs using mainly the above steps, along with some coaching from me. MOST people that don’t get hired, don’t get hired because they only do 2 or 3 of the 6 steps above. You can’t get hired if you aren’t willing to get up in front of a group of 50+ people and give a short talk!

You don’t need another degree or certificate to get hired as an entry level QA Engineer. Most of the skills you will learn on the job and will be taught be the lead QA Engineer. 95% of people will read this article and agree, BUT will wake up tomorrow and spam job boards, don’t let that be you! If you want massive positive change in your life, it takes effort, it takes being willing to crawl out of your shell!

You CAN do this!!!