How to Make Your Life Worth Reading About
Reece Robertson

Great inspiration, definitely worth reading.

I particularly found the section about building habits to ring true.

You see, I have struggled with working fitness into my life since I graduated high school. I remember thinking countless times, “if I had started working out 3 months ago, just a couple days a week, I’d be in such good shape!” And then continue not doing anything.

Last December I decided to start waking up earlier and making it a habit to go to the gym. Now here we are in August, and the follow through and habit-building has led to losing 25 pounds and being much more comfortable and confident in how I look.

Whether they are good or bad, habits compound.

If you build the habit of getting up early to work out, you will reap the benefits of a healthier body and a more alert mind.

On the flip side, reinforcing the habit of not working to improve your health will result in the opposite.

This principle applies to all aspects of life and business.

Thanks again Reece Robertson for the great read and inspiration.

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