You are a yacht. What’s your name?

Oh, to be a boat… — or a dog. That’d be nice too. source

The other day, this question came up while discussing a job opportunity (looking for my next challenge).

Question. “You are a yacht. What is your name?”

My first response “USS…hmmm…Josh?” — more like USS drawing a blank.

So I did a little research

I did what any other tech-savvy, comedic genius/digital marketer would do. I Googled “funny boat names” and got quite a list. Try it for yourself if you want a good laugh. Here are some of my favorites:

  • In Deep Ship
  • In Decent Seas
  • Unfathomable

I considered all of those, along with “Plan B” and “Midlife Crisis” Here’s where I found all of those.

Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately?) none of those hilarious names actually described me. So I was back at square 1. But I did have a good laugh, so maybe square 1.25

Why so serious?

This got me thinking deeper… Am I maybe not quite as funny as I consider myself? I mean, I know I’m not Seth Rogen. Or even a c-class stand-up comedian who may-or-may-not be completely drunk. But I generally consider myself to be a pretty funny guy.

Creativity: Destroyed

So, since the thought of me not being funny was out of the question, I got to thinking about my creativity. Maybe I’m just not as creative anymore. I mean, I’m not spending nearly as much time in an environment that fosters creativity and humor like I was in school. This is actually the line of thought that recently got me writing on a regular basis.

Jon Westenberg— one of my favorite writers on medium — mentioned that creativity isn’t about mood, it’s about choosing to just do it (or something like that). I know he isn’t the only person who’s said it, but he’s the one who comes to mind.

Because being creative isn’t about waiting for the right mood to strike, with the just the right mix of excitement and spark and lunar alignment. That’s a myth. And if you waited for those conditions, you would Never. Make. Anything.
The right time to be creative is the time you’ve set aside. The right mood is whatever mood you find yourself in. That’s the way to create something tangible. The only way.

— source: The 10 Ways You’re Wrong About Creativity Could Destroy You

Write, even if you don’t plan on publishing it. Just write. Create something.

Because when you create something, you stretch yourself to become better. I didn’t even plan on publishing this until just a few minutes ago.

Me, as a yacht

Since I seemed to lack the creative juices required to come up with something, I just did it. I started brainstorming. Based on external stimuli. I thought of my work. I thought of my hobbies. I thought about my volunteer activity. I thought about my family. My parents, my siblings, my wife… MY DOG!!

What did I choose for my name as a yacht? Bub. Because I have an adorable white miniature poodle mix whose name is Lily. We call her Bub. But that’s not the only reason I chose that name. “Bub” can have multiple different connotations.

Negative: “Not today, bub.” when speaking to a villain.

Or “Hey bub! Ready for a walk?!” when speaking to a pup named Lily.

Me and Lily (aka “bub”)

As a yacht, I AM BUB.

What’s your yacht name?

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