Using the power of the individual

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Hollywood has developed a technique for effectively telling stories that hold our attention. The way movies suck you in isn’t a fluke or an accident — they’re engineered that way.

And more importantly, this technique can be transferred to marketing and make your message more engaging and powerful.

That’s what we’ll be covering today.

How Big Issues Get Ignored

We’ve seen examples of large groups of people getting up in arms about small, singular incidents like the Domino Sparrow. …

The billion-dollar story of WhatsApp

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Photo adapted from Rachit Tank on Unsplash

Jan Koum and Brian Acton co-founded the insanely popular texting app, WhatsApp, which was acquired by Facebook for a whopping $21.8 billion.

The funny thing is, they were both rejected when applying to work at Facebook only a year before building WhatsApp. But as life would have it, only 5 years later, the company that had turned them away bought their app and made them both billionaires.

Even with such a high price tag, and the fact that Facebook has yet to monetize WhatsApp, this acquisition is still considered to be one of the best that Facebook ever made. …

Finally, some fiscal responsibility

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Photo adapted from Morning Brew on Unsplash

The Rise and Fall of a Star

By now we’re all pretty familiar with WeWork’s infamous fall from near-IPO stardom. But for context, let’s recap real quick:

  • WeWork raises money. A LOT of money.
  • Then more.
  • Then SoftBank comes in with even more.
  • And more (SoftBank’s investments in WeWork total $10 billion).
  • WeWork eventually reaches a potential IPO valuation upwards of $96 billion, though most estimates put it at $47 billion.
  • WeWork files for IPO; public scrutiny ensues. …


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