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Finding Opportunities In A Crisis

We are in the middle of a historic crisis. It’s undeniable. With the outbreak of a global pandemic, all-time-high unemployment numbers, and our economy essentially going into a medically-induced coma, the period of crisis has officially arrived.

But I’m not here to preach doom and gloom. There’s plenty of that…

Using the power of the individual

Hollywood has developed a technique for effectively telling stories that hold our attention. The way movies suck you in isn’t a fluke or an accident — they’re engineered that way.

And more importantly, this technique can be transferred to marketing and make your message more engaging and powerful.

That’s what…

Finally, some fiscal responsibility

The Rise and Fall of a Star

By now we’re all pretty familiar with WeWork’s infamous fall from near-IPO stardom. But for context, let’s recap real quick:

  • WeWork raises money. A LOT of money.
  • Then more.
  • Then SoftBank comes in with even more.
  • And more (SoftBank’s investments in WeWork total $10 billion).
  • WeWork eventually reaches a potential…

Record sales and Peloton just cut marketing to zero — relying on a strong brand to drive word-of-mouth sales

Record Sales During a Crisis

The battle for profitability is nothing new for Peloton; the company has been engaging in this uphill exercise since long before its IPO last September. With pivot after pivot, they’ve tried countless angles to achieve the coveted milestone. …

Secrets revealed from Guy Kawasaki’s “The Art of the Start 2.0”

What is the Purpose of a Pitch?

To generate interest in your startup. It’s not to explain every aspect of your product. It’s not to beat your audience over the head with information until they submit and write you a check. Your objective is simply to stimulate enough interest in your company to land a second meeting.

Why convenience is the ultimate marketing strategy

Steve Jobs: Icon, Legend, Disruptor

Steve Jobs was the backbone of Apple. Without him, Apple would never have even existed, much less reached the heights it has. And in October 2011, we lost not only an iconic, visionary founder but an inspirational human being who changed the way billions of people do things every day.

Joshua VanDeBrake

Passionate about Marketing, Startups, & VC. Full-Stack Marketer. Ambivert. Millennial.

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