Blog Post 04 — Pre-production

Pre-production (with the exception of script development and pre-interviews) is the most boring phase of the production process. Finding location permits, hiring or booking out gear, pre-troubleshooting the shoot day with catering, toilets, noise problems and safety in mind. Groan. The complications added to projects due to crew size, legality and process crush the creative spark out of my soul.

My team working with me on Night Terror are absolutely wonderful and i couldn’t ask for a better group. Regardless, the fact remains: I’ve found working as a one man crew wherever possible streamlines the creative and technical process like nothing else does.

Transitioning from a two column script to an actual production is part of the rare moments in life where you get to witness an imagined image become an actual image. The process is magical when it works and devastating when it does not. The first shots from Night Terror were part of the reenactment scenes and our team definitely made the imagination come to life. That was an early win for us. The lighting and camera just worked so naturally on the first go and that really set us up for success for the rest of the shoots.

For future projects I would like to see the same success we saw in the first few shots of Night Terror and to be able to keep the success going throughout the whole project. Also would love to see a more succinct way to get all the shots done on a fewer amount of shoot days.

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