The United States has seen massive increases in college tuition and debt as more students graduate with larger loans each year. Debt levels are staggering and weigh down the opportunities of new graduates. This new debt upends the possibility of future opportunities that college is supposed to promise.

This year’s presidential candidacy has seen much discussion of higher education. Bernie Sanders has garnered large grassroots following within Universities and Colleges across the US. High education institutions are a widely targeted and powerful voting group — that is when they actually show up.

The promise of free education is absolutely wonderful, but what about students like me? I do know that if Bernie Sanders is elected he will do his absolute best to reduce public University prices, but what about the thirty-thousand dollars of loan debt that I will be stuck with. Candidates should appeal to the 44 million current voters that are in repayment. These voters could be the swing that either the Secretary or the Senator need to lock in their victory in the primaries.

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