Sometimes I don’t want to overload my apps with a ton of packages. Therefore, I try to push myself to create my own components when time permits. In this case, I needed a very simple Image Carousel that changes the image on click. Instead of hopping on npm, I decided roll my sleeves up and took a crack at creating my own simple no frills image carousel.

First, I created a reusable component called ImagePill, that I passed a width, height, and borderRadius too, which will make my life easier down the line.

Second, I created a component called…

AfroTech Show Room

AfroTech is an event hosted by Blavity that is a platform to highlight black excellence in technology. This year’s conference was held in Oakland, California. This weekend had its fair share of amazing events and activities. The conference featured talks by industry professionals, expo floors were people that looked like me were not only search for positions but hiring for them. Likewise, local organizations such as “The Hidden Genius Project” were showcasing the impact that they are making in the community through their outreach to the broader community.

It was essentially a Black Renaissance of change-makers, visionaries, technologists, and entrepreneurs…

I am currently building a travel app called i-Travel Journal and one of the functionalities that I wanted to add was the ability to allow users to upload and delete photos from a gallery. I was searching the internet for a blog post that not only used Firebase on the back-end, but also used the awesome INSPhotoGallery Pods Framework to get the job done, but to my dismay I could not find one that showed all the intricate details. …

Otto Knows How To Kick Start

Are you stuck looking for a project so that you can start building an app?

Are you a beginner looking to get into programming?

Are the projects that you are following on tutorial sites too boring for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you must be stumped and are eagerly seeking to keep your flame burning for coding before it runs out.

Starting From Scratch Sucks

I am a big advocate for side projects, so much so that it helped me secure an internship with a hyper growth startup! Therefore, I wanted to start off the New Years guns blazing…

The Plan

I love learning through passion projects. As you can read from one of my previous blog posts, I was able to secure an internship with a dope side project I worked on. To keep on this wave of passion projects, I got the bright idea to make an API (Application Program Interface) for Marvel Vs Capcom 2, a fighting game I played at the arcade when I was younger.

The thing about a passion project is that it does not ever have to be completed. …

Collection of Dating Apps

Dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid are really great at creating romantic relationships, but what about non romantic relationships like meeting a new friend? It would be awesome if you could use an app that allows you to find a buddy to go Hiking, an extra teammate for your FortNite squad, or event teach you how to cook. Luckily for you we are conducting this research and it isn’t that far fetched.

We made the Encounter Opportunity Browsing Interface to make this vision a reality (figure 1). The concept behind the app — encounter opportunity browsing — entails…

Life as an intern can be difficult, especially if you do not have any industry experience beyond working on side projects using a company’s API. Similarly to the chicken and egg debate, many companies expect you to start with experience, but you have yet to accept your first role.

Fortunately, I interned at Stitch Fix this past summer where the engineering org believes heavily in pair programming. The intimate time spent coding with Senior level developers helped me find useful apps and tools that streamlined my workflow as a developer. …

This blog serves as motivation to people in their early 20s contemplating whether they should travel now or wait until later in life. The intention is to motivate you to book your next trip.

Growing up, I loved watching adventure movies about going on a unique journey in mystical locations across the globe. Whether it was China, Australia, or South America I was fascinated by the boldness they had to just leave their homes and go so far away. …

Update: After 26K people viewed this post, I got the courage to go ahead and create a survival guide detailing my journey into tech along with tips and tricks to secure internships. The book is called “The Guidebook To Securing High Profile Internships” you can find out more on my companion website . You can also grab a copy from Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

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The hardest things as a beginner trying to learn how to code and get into the industry is starting.

In a world of startups and tech giants, programming has become the go to skill…

6 lessons learned on my journey to the Bay

My Friends Said I Looked Like A Mustard Bottle 😩


My father passed away November 19th, 2017 and it has had me in a reflective mood. With the death of a loved one it is easy to fall into a cycle of depression, but instead I saw it as an opportunity to be a blessing on to others. Therefore, I want to share my story to encourage others to reach new heights while serving as a form of therapy for myself.

Dalvin Josias Sejour

Aspiring Software Engineer:,

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