Color and Sculpture

Lately I’ve been making relief landscapes out of plasticine. When I was a college student 20 years ago my sculpture prof was totally against any kind of color in sculpture or 3D work. He thought it a cheap ploy to avoid “platonic truth in material”. I honestly think now that if color had been an option in sculpture (ie not mocked and/or graded poorly) I might have pursued it instead of painting. When I started seeing legitimate contemporary sculpture using color as a major design element I almost felt like it was illegal — like why didn’t someone stop them??? Don’t they know how wrong that is??? And then, wait for it… slow dawning, paradigm shift… maybe, artists can use color. 
 Shocking. Groundbreaking. 
 It’s funny how someone else’s rules can be internalized so deeply. Lesson learned. #goyourownway

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