6 Successful Strategy Games Creatives for Facebook Ads

As we know, Audience Targeting and Creatives are two key factors when launching user acquisition campaigns. At here, we are talking about Creatives. In fact, Facebook ads are starting to go unnoticed by the user due to the sheer number and frequency of them. This leads to a bigger question: how are your creatives going to stand out amongst a sea of Facebook ads? Regarding this, copywriting plays a very critical role in Creatives which express some information you would like to deliver.

For instance, describing gameplay also works well compared to the game system. Such as“Never pay to win” to show your game balance, “Find out how many friends in this game” to display your social system. It’s important to capture different audience group by using different copywriting angle.

Through all above, AdSeeData has tracked and analyzed the most using copywriting of top grossing SLG games to help you optimize your campaigns.

1. Show Your Game Balance to Attract Nonpaying Players

Some games in the market do not straddle the line between providing high item value and maintaining fair, balanced gameplay for all players, which will lead to more complaints from nonpaying players. Easy to take advantage of game balance will provide nonpaying players with a better gameplay experience making them feel better, love your game more and probably pay you more.

2. Make Friends on Your Social System in Game

Display your social system where players could make new friends worldwide and communicate with them remain one of the surest ways to make a game both sticky and fun, which fit players’ social needs.

3. Restricted Warning to Grasp Players’ Eye

Some Children-limited copywriting like bloody and violence grasps eyes of some players who are pursuing a visual stimulation. Despite the creation and mass adoption of numerous new copywriting on Facebook, this kind of copywriting remain one of the most attractive points for showing the difficulty and playability of the game.

4. Take Advantage of Your Super Game Playability

Game Playability is an essential element that measures the ease of which games can be played. Players aren’t only especially concerned with storylines and rules but also care about its gameplay.

5. Easy to Manage Your Squeeze Time

Most people are busy with real life and difficult to squeeze time for gaming. They are looking for a game which could kill time at any time anywhere. It’s quite critical for advertisers to show time controllable in creatives.

6. Show Your Game Ranks to Boost Game Downloads

Many advertisers are likely to use “№1 Game” “Best Game in 2017” to promote their games, which is crude and slightly simple and remains its market around advertisers.


The future creatives will be based on its product, which should break down the traditional barriers of creativity. The way we are going to do a different kind of testing won’t necessarily be easy. Hope it will help.

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