Practical tips I wish I knew a few years ago

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Whenever a conversation about freelancing kicks off with fellow developer friends, we’re always discussing the same concerns:

  • How can I get more clients as a freelance developer?
  • I finished a coding bootcamp and I want to get started as a freelancer. How can I start?
  • How do you deal with cheap competition?
  • How much should I charge?

“How do I get more clients?”

When I got started as a freelancer a few years ago, I made a lot of mistakes when trying to get more clients.

I thought of it like slices of pizza. Charging less (cutting smaller slices), would yield more projects (more slices). Right?

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I also thought that I need to explicitly tell people that I’m a freelancer and post about it on Social media, or else, how will they ever find me? …

The story of why I built codetogo.io

I could get sweaty, start shouting and clap my hands trying to tell you how important developers are in today’s world.

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Developers, developers, developers, developers

But instead, I’m going to focus on one specific aspect that beginner & intermediate developers encounter very often while learning JavaScript in 2018.

The number of developers learning Javascript has significantly improved in the last few years, whether they are coding bootcamp graduates, old school developers, or simply getting started on their own.

While I’m teaching at a coding bootcamp called Le Wagon, I’ve noticed a common challenge when students are working with JavaScript:

Beginner to intermediate developers cannot easily find up to date answers for common JavaScript use cases. …

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The greatest Web Worker of all time

Performance is one of the biggest challenges on the Web & especially on Mobile. Running a web app on 60fps is not an easy task.

While there are many factors that affect the performance of your web apps, in this article I’m going to present Web Workers and how you can run fetch in a Web Worker and why you want to do that.

JavaScript code blocks the DOM, which slows down your User Interface. For example, you’d be surprised that JSON.parse blocks the DOM.

As your data source grows bigger and bigger, your UI performance will suffer more and more. That’s because DOM operations are running alongside your JavaScript code on the main thread. …


Jad Joubran

Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP & Web Consultant. https://jadjoubran.io https://react-tutorial.app https://learnjavascript.online

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