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Hey Yuki, I’m a fellow startup software engineer in The SOMA area too :)!

Thanks for writing this, it’s always cool to hear startup stories from young developers like us who go into a startup and realize how great (or even bad) their experience is.

At my first startup software developer job last year after graduating from USF, I remember I was also afraid to write code without breaking something and always had to ask for help. At some point I was afraid to go to work and always had the feeling that I was the worst engineer on the team (honestly I was), but at least I tried my best and always went in with a learning mentality and always thought about how I could improve and do better.

Now I’m at 99Gamers with way more knowledge, confidence, and experience under my belt (in both writing code and managing projects), and am enjoying the projects that I take on!

I’m looking forward to reading any more of your stories in the future :D!