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Jun 25, 2018 · 5 min read

Five Upcoming ICOs You Should Pay Attention To

2018 may be off to rocky start for all things crypto, but at least one of their segments is still going full steam ahead: Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Bear markets, prices imitating theme park rides, investors consulting astrologers before making investments — none of this seem to make a dent in the ICOs’ armor. As a testament to the vitality of the decentralized economy idea and the market interest’s in it, these deals still go strong in their missions to prove that they are here to stay and not fizzle out like a one trick pony. Yet, with the growing list of ICOs wanting to become a piece of the global crypto cake, it’s hard to keep track of all of them if you decide to throw money in their direction. That’s why I have prepared a list of five hot ICOs to be on the lookout for in the coming months.

Black Insurance

ICO Time: 31 August 2018–30 Sept 2018

Black Insurance wants to position itself as a revolutionary platform which will use emerging blockchain technology to remove all obstacles between actors in the insurance industry. Having realized that third parties, such as insurance companies and the red tape they generate represent only the burden on the back of the insurance industry, a team of enthusiasts behind the project decided to shake up the entire system.

First of all, its reliance on the blockchain tech will allow for easier creation and distribution of insurance products without the massive paperwork dragging entire process down. Brokers and investors will have easier access to both capital and each other, which promises to cut down on costs and reduce human resources needed for doing insurance business.

Its Black Platform Token (BLCK) is a utility token which will be used to run the system’s infrastructure while enabling easy payment for services, voting on its updates and access to the native platform. At the same time, it will serve as the main currency for processing insurance premiums and claim payouts. Black offers guarantees that service fees paid with these tokens will be 20% lower compared to the services you’ll pay for with other currencies. Say what you will about black color, but this model warrants whitelisting.


ICO Time: 1 July 2018–30 July 2018

Kasko2go (K2G) coin is designed with a twofold goal of bringing down the insurance costs for the users while raising awareness about the need for safer driving at the same time.

The team behind it promises to reduce insurance expenses by 50% for drivers who prefer and practice safer driving. This will be monitored with the help of AI, big data and telematics, paired with a Pay-as-you-Drive system. State-of-the-art tech used for the collection of data about driving parameters will render slow bureaucracy useless, while allowing for conducting fast and well-informed investigations and access to cheaper premiums.

With the help of decentralization and the collection of accurate data, Kasko2go coins will offer cheaper insurance for careful drivers, while the insurance companies will be provided with a pool of low risk customers.

MF Chain

ICO Time: 25 June 2018–25 July 2018

MFX coin is the brainchild of the team behind the MF Chain platform which aims to position itself as an alternative to PayPal and our existing digital economy models. It is designed as a system which offers rewards to customers and merchants, allowing them to trade with any cryptocurrency at no fee attached. The platform will offer support for all relevant languages and provide access to smart contracts aimed at fast development of various applications.

In case of merchants, offered MFX tokens will operate as an equivalent of 1% rebate derived from the total cryptocurrency payment volume. They will have the value of $1 per token, or the value set under the current exchange rate if the latter is higher. The awarded tokens can be treated as an asset or the means for exchange for the USD fiat currency.

Similarly, customers will be able to use their MFX tokens to waive the surcharge related to the merchant’s exchange fee. In addition to this, the same tokens will grant the customer an automatic 1% rebate for all transactions effected with the merchant that uses MF Chain platform.


ICO Time: 6 August 2018–6 September 2018

Developeo is a platform that wants to establish an all-encompassing open source community of developers who work with the technologies that have the potential to disrupt the current job market, such as AI, big data, neural networks and machine learning. Developers and associated project managers will use this decentralized platform to monitor software development and assess the submitted code, while the members of the community will have the right to vote on committed projects.

In order to put these human resources to a good use, the platform will establish its own reward system based on its native DEVX token which will have a primary utility role going beyond mere speculation on the exchanges. The token will be awarded for the code the participants in the network submit to the established open source platform or a project. In addition to serving as the currency on the marketplace which Developeo plans to establish, DEVX will be also used as a means to gain access to the university programs, trainings, certification schemes and coding bootcamps at much reduced prices.


ICO Time: 25 June 2018–23 July 2018

Etherisc project will offer its DIP token in an effort to create an open protocol platform for decentralized insurance operations. It is designed by the team behind several tried & tested insurance products on the market, such as flight delay DAPP, social and crop insurance. Their ambition for this open platform is to streamline the process of collective designing and launching of attractive insurance products. With the protocol on offer, an entire process will become more efficient and transparent, while bringing down the operational costs and strengthening the democratization of access to insurance-related investments.

The role of DIP token will be to ease transactions within the native decentralized insurance platform. Following the ICO, the money raised will be reinvested in the further development of the platform and the product promotion in other markets.

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